Erotheek Freya is known by many amateur couples and single men. These include couples who are looking for other couples with whom to experience a sexual adventure together but also couples who like it when single men participate and/ or watch.

At Erotheek Freya we also have a cinema. Some couples find it exciting to get themselves "warmed up" there. We also have 2 large swinger rooms.

What many do not yet know is that our swinger rooms have recently been completely renovated and newly furnished. They are fully equipped with very large beds, surrounding mirrors and streaming porn and provide extensive shower and laundry facilities, towels etc.

We consciously choose to be low-threshold. So for couples, the entrance is always free. Single men pay a daily entry fee that gives them access to all rooms for the entire day.

Couples are invited to announce their arrival via our guestbook.

If you do not know us yet, please drop by. And for those of you who already knows us, please come and see our completely renovated rooms that offer a relaxed environment especially for you!